How to Make a Mirror Wall for Your Home Gym-Love Home Gym Ultimate Guide

Let build a mirror to check our form!

Our extensive research and DIY expertise have led us to the perfect method for creating a safe and stylish mirror wall, designed explicitly for square frameless mirrors.

Say goodbye to wonky mirrors and hazardous setups with our step-by-step approach, you’ll achieve outstanding results that elevate your home gym’s ambiance and boost your motivation during workouts.

Get ready to transform your fitness space and build a mirror wall that inspires and enhances your fitness journey!

How To Make a Mirror Wall For A Home Gym

The following instructions are for hanging mirror(s) on a drywall with wooden studs behind it. For other wall types- different fixings, screws, and drill bits would be required.

Here is a photo of the tools and equipment you will need.

How To Make a Mirror Wall For A Home Gym

What to do next?

#1. Enlist a Helping Hand:

Find someone who is cable of helping!

Embrace teamwork for a smoother mirror-hanging process. Ask a friend to assist you; after all, teamwork makes the dream work!

#2. Select the Perfect Spot: 

Choose a wall.

Choose the wall where you want to hang your mirrors. Consider factors like lighting, positioning, and overall aesthetics.

#3. Measure the Mirror(s):

Remember, measure twice.

 With a measuring tape, determine the width of the mirror(s) you plan to hang. If using multiple mirrors, measure each one individually then add the individual widths together.

#4. Mark the J Mold: 

Make your cutting mark

Using a pencil, mark the J mold’s length according to the measurements obtained in the previous step. For multiple mirrors, you may need to combine multiple sections of the J mold to cover the full width.

#5. Trim the J Mold: 

Cutting the J Mold

Employ a hacksaw to cut the J mold at the marked length, achieving the desired size.

#6. Locate and Mark Stud Positions: 

Locating the stud

For sturdier support, utilize a stud finder to locate wooden studs within the width of your mirror(s). Mark the stud positions at the height where you want the bottom of the mirror(s) to be.

#7. Level and Pencil Guide Holes: 

Marking your holes through the J mold

With your helper’s assistance, hold the J mold at the marked height. Place a spirit level horizontally on the J mold to ensure it is straight. Use a pencil through the J mold’s holes to mark the points where you need to drill.

#8. Drill Pilot Holes:

Tip: place a screw alongside the drill bit and place a bit of tape to indicate the screw length so you know how far to drill in

Employ a drill with a wood drill bit slightly smaller in thickness than your wood screws to create pilot holes in the marked spots.

#9. Secure the J Mold:

Make sure the screw is all the way in and not protruding!

With your helper holding the J mold against the wall, insert screws through the J mold’s holes and into the pilot holes. Tighten the wood screws firmly into place.

#10. Verify Levelness: 

Be penitent, make sure its level.

Double-check the J mold’s alignment using a spirit level. If adjustments are needed, carefully unscrew and reposition the J mold, then retighten the screws.

#11. Install the Mirrors:

Nice and gentle!

Gently place the bottom part of the mirror into the J mold. Have your helper support the mirror against the wall while you proceed to the next step.

#12. Attach Mirror Clips:

These are to go at the top

Use mirror clips and a screwdriver to secure the top edge of the mirror(s). Fortunately, for drywall with wooden studs, there’s no need to screw into the studs directly; the drywall can provide adequate support.

#13. Final Touches:

White vinegar is great for cleaning mirrors!

Give your mirrors a quick wipe to remove any fingerprints or smudges. Congratulations, you’ve successfully hung mirrors in your home gym!

What to do next?

Well done, enjoy your new mirror!

Now that you’ve successfully built your mirror wall, you can fully enjoy your workouts while ensuring you maintain impeccable lifting form. Let the mirror wall be your trusted training partner as you strive for excellence in every movement.

Feel free to leave a comment and photo below of how your mirror turned out.


What is the purpose of having a mirror in a gym?

Mirrors in a gym serve multiple purposes. They help you monitor your form and technique during exercises, which is crucial for preventing injuries and ensuring effective workouts.

Mirrors also create a sense of space, making the gym feel larger and more inviting. Additionally, they can boost motivation by allowing you to see your progress and maintain focus during workouts.

What is the most effective way to clean a gym mirror?

Cleaning gym mirrors is important to maintain their clarity and functionality.

The best way to clean a gym mirror is to use a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar. Apply the solution to the mirror with a clean, lint-free cloth or paper towel, then wipe it in a circular motion.

Avoid using abrasive or chemical cleaners, as they can damage the mirror’s surface. Regularly cleaning the mirror with the vinegar solution will keep it free of smudges and streaks, ensuring a clear reflection for monitoring your workouts.

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